We’re red, we’re black: A season behind the scenes in the Irish League

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Mark Langhammer’s new book “We’re Red, We’re Black – A season behind the Scenes in the Irish League” is a behind the scenes view of a season from the perspective of a football club board director. At face value, it is a month-by-month journey through Crusaders FC’s 2015-16 football season, from the close season in May 2015 through to retaining the Irish League in April 2016. But it’s not just a chronological whizz through the 2015-16 football season. It ‘stops off’ to record the Crusaders story of the past ten years, explaining how the tired, run-down, relegated and technically bankrupt Crusaders of 2005 became the Irish League’s representatives in the 2015-16 European Champions League. If you are looking for analysis of the football on the field this is probably not the book for you. Hopefully, however, it will tell you something about the culture, history, ways and foibles of Crusaders FC, a club owned and run by its fans. Enjoy the ride!